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Action One: Read the book Dolly’s talking about – a scientific j ourney of enquiry written as a highly romantic, and often humorous, novel entitled ‘Men as Animals’, and then pursue my quest. The one that says I’ve got to check out every one of those 13 Totem Men before deciding which one is for Loue Karlin. As I go through them, if he’s not for me, why not pass him on to someone else (such as Sadie my hairdresser, who’s just on the point of taking over her third salon). Also wonder with whom Loue Karlin, Pisces Water Woman Extraordinaire will end up?There has to be just the right one for me – like there is for every woman. There’s Totem Lion, Snake, Wolf, Peacock, Dog, Ox, Tiger, Monkey, Eagle, Bear, Ram, Rat and Horse.

From the start, we know exactly the ‘Man-imal’ we’re dealing with and, more importantly, how he’ll stack up long-term compatibility-wise.

Think of all the wasted passion and heartache it could have saved me since my first bra! Definitely someone totally bonkable – day and night if she had her way!!!

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What she said was that all men subconsciously retain the deep-down core personality of the totem animal they worshipped when they were mooching around in bearskins.

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