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My daughter is dating a black dude man dating friends friends

You have lost, ask yourself what is the best thing that could happen, and what is the worst thing that could. Actually you do see questions like that in black magazines all the time.Pretty scarey, no job, no integrity, no ambition except what they are owed in life. All people no matter what color or race or gender are the same. And having doubts about who your children date based on race, culture, religion, education, etc are valid concerns. That is true for every ethnicity/culture/whatever, not only for whites.If your daughter already, is wanting to date a black kid. Please do everyone a favor and go get an education and stop spreading hate!!! And if you have concerns when it comes to your children, don't let political correctness get in your way. But if the person has good character, no matter what his skin color, religion, etc, then don't be a schmuck and give him a chance.To me it shows you are concerned with his complexion rather than his morals and values.Give the "young man" a chance and then go from there.Maybe if you look at him as a young man it will give you a better outlook as to who he is and not what color he is.If your daughter already, is wanting to date a black kid. I guess we (white) people are the ones with the problem!

Another way to show IGNORANCE is to misspell the word "sure," to end sentences with a question mark when you are not asking a question, and to not know that, in this case, "todays" should have an apostrophe.

My concern is that you refer to him as a "black boy".

if he is a punk, tell him to hit the road To the very UNINFORMED parent.

if the boy has the pants off his ass, hat sideways, says things that rhyme with izzle alot, dont let your daughter date him. do what i do and any boy your daughter starts "dating", invite him over for dinner and see how he is.

You shure show your IGNORANCE in asking such a question?

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In todays world of INFORMATION & STATISTICS for a human being to ask this question you need to seek help!

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